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Music Tech Sundays is the first of its kind community based

networking platform aimed at cultivating greater dialogue

and education in the evolving field where music meets technology


Hindustan Times
8th June 2015
…an open platform which encourage innovation,experimentation
and sharing of information…various aspects of music technology, through
topics including human perception of sound, immersive 3D sound, audio
coding, gestural control, and paradigm shift in music…
15th April 2015
…..You dance in front of a machine, … and what comes out from the other
end is music, triggered by your movement, in a genre of your choice, to
match your moves. You move your fingers….. have the system produce
tunes that sound of your choice…..


Music Tech Sundays is a brand new community based networking event aimed at cultivating greater dialogue and education in the evolving field where music meets technology.

Music Tech Sundays is a live networking session that kicked off in April 2015. In the last few years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the creation, interaction and consumption of media arts such as film and music. Along with the development of the Internet, the complex integration of sound and technology in music, audio technology and research has led to an unprecedented boom in the ways in which we humans produce art through machines.

Every other Sunday, we organise a two-hour session with experts in their respective fields who together encompass the general broader field of music technology. The topics at our interactive sessions will include Human perception of sound, Immersive 3D sound, Audio coding, Gestural control, the paradigm shift in music broadcasting and consumption , etc.

At Music Tech Sundays, you decide your involvement. You can host a session or you can attend it along with a group of individuals with similar interests.