Create Music With Tweets

TweetTunes: Create Music With Tweets

TweetTunes is a simple interactive installation where we can hear and explore the relationship between language and sounds, It enables us to explore the idea’s of Natural Language in a very intuitive way and provides new ways of looking at both, music as well as language.

What is TweetTunes?

TweetTune is an real time instrument which bridges the gap between Music and Language. Based on our interaction on twitter, it converts our tweet to music, thus providing a very unique interaction between language, music and internet. This sonification is based on the principles of Natural Language Processing and Letter Relative Frequency in the English language, Letter Relative Frequency determines the frequency or rarity of first letter of the word, the letter it self in progression and combines this information with certain math based on linguistics principles of vowels and consonants. This makes the interaction an immersive experience, wherein the gap between the physical and the virtual space, auditory and cognitive perception is bridged.

How Does it work?

TweetTunes is programmed to analyse a specific twitter hashtag or an handle at certain intervals using Twitter APIs. Any tweet made with the hashtag or by the handle will be captured, analysed and sonified in real time. The dynamic nature of music is based on the relative frequency of a letter. The vowels and consonants define the syllable, giving small yet perceivable pauses to the music. Capital letters and small letters along with punctuation translates the rest and phase.
This sonification is uploaded onto where it can downloaded as a loop. The tweet itself is like a loop between the physical space and the virtual space.