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A Bi-monthly Community based discussion
Season 1 : Teaser
Sound Codes is an
mumbai based Music
Technology Startup
constantly developing
global, cutting-edge
solutions for Artists,
Producers, DJ’s, engineer's,
and students. We are
also working towards
efficiently cataloguing
acoustic signatures of
heritage structures across
India as a part of
Acoustic Conservation .

Initiated by
The Hive is an urban 
centre for the arts 
and technology in 
the heart of Bandra. 
It is a one of a kind 
ecosystem with integrated 
facilities that supports 
performance spaces 
(with one indoor and 
one outdoor area) 
and co-working and 
collaborative offices 
for start-ups and 
Hosted at
Audio Engineering Society India
is a non-profit organization of
audio professionals,  which is registered
in India. Audio Engineering Society India
had its humble beginnings in 1994 as
Audio Engineering Society India Section,
which was part of AES worldwide.
Since 2010 'AES India' operates as
an independent body.
supported by
Bohemia Junction Limited is a UK
based company with a team in Mumbai,
India and is a meeting place for
‘creatives’ in music, film & the
arts and those looking to expand
their services and product
into India and collaborate
with Indian companies and individuals
Music Tech Sundays

Music Tech Sundays is the first of its kind community based 
networking platform aimed at cultivating greater dialogue 
and education in the evolving field where music meets technology.

Hindustan Times
8th June 2015
15th April 2015
.....You dance in front of a machine, ... and what comes out from the other
end is music, triggered by your movement, in a genre of your choice, to
match your moves. You move your fingers..... have the system produce
tunes that sound of your choice..... open platform which encourage innovation,experimentation
and sharing of information...various aspects of music technology, through 
topics including human perception of sound, immersive 3D sound, audio 
coding, gestural control, and paradigm shift in music...

so what is 
What happened so far in 

Season 1

Session 1

Fundamentals of Acoustics 
What are Acoustic Signatures & How to capture them ? 
Demonstration of the Acoustic Signatures 
Presentation on Sound.Codes work on Acoustic Conservation 
Technological research and developments in the acoustics. 
Synthesis using Max4live and Ableton Live
Buffer as Information using Max4live and Ableton Live
Innovative integration of technology into modern architecture.

Session 2

Introduction to Psychoacoustics
How Human ear Separate Sounds Machine and The Brain 
Limits of Perception
Auditory Illusions   
Psycho-acoustics and digital applications 


Session 3

Rhythm as a Visual Idea 
8 bit is equal to 1 byte and Taal System in carnatic Music 
Formation and Evolution of Taal system
Drift in Western system from Greko system of Music
Scaler Music and Modal Music System
Analysis of raga using Ableton

Session 4

Historical perspective on Sampling
Creative uses of Sampling
Ethics on sampling and sampled music 
Sampling in musical perspective
Sampling technique using Ableton Live
Sampling to present new idea
Introduction to Auditory Roughness
Analysing roughness information using spectrogram and
other DSP’s
Using Roughness as an idea within timbre creatively
in composition 

Session 5

Resampling Using Ableton Live
Creative Uses of Buses using Ableton Live
Resampling Technique’s using Ableton Live
Creative resampling in musical perspective using Ableton Live
Production Technique for transition in a song using Ableton Live
Idea’s of Remixes
Demonstration of a Remixed Project of Ableton Live

Session 6

 Documentary Screening about Synthesisers 
 Demonstration of MOTOMI

Speakers so far 

Akash Sharma
Artist, Founder - Sound.Codes,
Co-Founder MusicTechSundays 

Aditya Alamuru
Acoustics Product Developer - Saint Gobain 

Tony Grund
Music Producer, Engineer, DJ,
Product reviewer and Educator

Jake Charkey 

Kapil Thirwani

Director of Munro Acoustic India 

Viveick Rajagopalan 
Composer/ Musician 

Andrew T. Mackay 
MD of Bohemia Junction ltd. 

Our Audience
based on the social profile and session attendees
of the reach lies in the 
age group of 18-35 years
18 - 24
35 - 44
45 - 54
55- 64
65 +
Age Gradient & Social Reach
25 - 34
46 % of our audience are Industry Professional and Experts
who attend MusicTechSundays to Learn and Network.
whats next?
Starting Soon. New format New Experimentations.
Season 2

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