Akash – Everchanging Bio (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v20gpatZQMmpvZ5kM7MRBvohgctY5WAjJclcMrsE4ys/edit?usp=sharing)

Sound.Codes is a sound research lab based in Mumbai and the Himalayas founded by Akash Sharma. One of Sound.Codes’ core missions is to drive advances in acoustical heritage conservation by gathering and cataloguing « acoustic signatures » of heritage structures across India. In order to capture these acoustic signatures (or acoustic reverb values) Sound.Codes developed a new version of convolution reverb along with a binaural microphone (Kaan).
As an artist, Akash is engaged in creating experiences via sound art in form of installations or performances and is constantly exploring new ways of integrating music with technology, constantly experimenting with electronics and algorithms, making certain hardware like a hackable synthesiser (8knobs) or various portable sound modules to sample sounds « on the field ».
Sound.Codes is also committed to creative learning and a community based sense of sharing knowledge in form of workshops or curated seminars about electronics, sound synthesis and computer coding.

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