// Synth // Midi controller // educational module

8knobs is a portable synthesiser and midi controller. Right out of the box 8knobs creates drones and atmospheres (ambient soundscapes). 8knobs encourages learning synthesis, electronics, computer literacy and experimentation. Built on the popular Arduino platform it readily embodies the character of the user. It is an open source and hacker friendly instrument, ready to morph according to a wide range of use cases.

8knobs can be used as a MIDI controller through usb, as a plug-n-play device; this means no installations, no additional convertors, no headaches. The 8knobs DIY kit consists of a PCB, an Arduino Atmega 32u4, header pins, potentiometers, all the necessary electronic components, mounting hardware, a laser cut wood veneer body and a case made of hand stitched jute with raw unbleached cotton.

8knobs has 1 audio out, MIDI over USB or MIDI over 3.5mm to connect to other traditional synthesisers. It can be powered via USB, DC 9-12v wall adaptor or a 9v battery.


// Electronics // Sound synthesis // Computer Coding

While building 8knobs you’ll learn everything from the basics like soldering to the fundamentals of sound synthesis, electronics and computer codes by understanding, engineering and experimenting with signal flow. Learn the art of signal flow by building your own custom synthesiser and controller for more experiments!


// Creative learning and new approaches

Getting familiar with signal flow unlocks a wide range of new opportunities to innovate and produce technical as well as creative applications in various media – both analog and digital.

Just like the flow of signals in the brain are interconnected and influence each other. For example, like neurons communicating information in both chemical and electrical forms, can result in infinite combinations of thoughts, words, and actions, similarly, playing with signal flow in hardware (electronics), software (coding) and space (acoustics) can result in infinite creative expressions.

The art of signal flow offers endless possibilities, and whether you take it up as a hobby or use it to pursue a life-changing innovation is for you to choose. Either way, it’s a great feeling to get your hands dirty in the energetic flow of signals and DIY culture!