Convert any AUDIO TO MIDI in real time.


Convert MOVEMENT TO MIDI in real time


Syncs Ableton Live and synchronises Beats, Bars, tempo and Playhead Position and state it is in with another Ableton Live.


A Low Frequency Oscillator, which modulate the sound itself, live or sampled


LUPOR is a Remote for Ableton Live’s built in Looper Device and is perfect
for anyone who ever wanted to have multitrack on Ableton’s Live Looper


A smart tool to convert all the sensors data to midi data.


Speq is a spectral equalizer that lets you draw your own envelope to pass only the selected frequencies. Depending on how you choose to Speq, the possibilities are endless.

I understand the real possibilities of these plugins and happy to assist in each individual use cases. Most of it is now obsolete (changes in Mac Os 10.14 onwards)  now I am focused more on hardware and on custom installations of the software. I have shifted my approach in being platform agnostic.

email if you have something in mind