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Summary of the work done

Total volunteers : 30
Daily average number of volunteers : 13
Probable number of really interested people : Between 15 and 20

Installation (1)

Purpose : Capturing the surface tension of the droplet-like group at a time.
Input : the voices of the group one at a time.
Output : the drops of wax on a globe rotating on a horizontal axis with movable extruder (parallel axis).

Installation (2)

Game rules for creating the vocal signals :

You will be playing a game to create a story of your own by stringing together words that each of you comes up with. It isn’t about building sentences but about building a narrative on the basis of keywords.

1) Create a circle evenly spread around the machine and make sure you can all hear each other.

2) To get started, spin the little globe with the icons on it, close your eyes, and point to one of them randomly. This image is your starting point and should inspire the first word and the theme for your story.

3) Anyone can start. You add words, one at a time, in sequence. You should listen to each other and add a word that will move
your collective story forward. Each of you has three words to contribute, once you used up your words the game is over and the
story ends. Try to picture the story in your mind while you go along.

4) Start now and press the recording button.

Field trip : art at Jogeshwari caves (1)

To illustrate the game before, an example of what can be done as a collective vocal game :
Each person says one word linked to the caves’ mood or linked to the person’s mood.
The successive words are dissociated between each other to better feel what suggest the environment within the group of the people experiencing this game.Extract : « distraction create stars in which permanent ritual candy floss with teeth bleeding breathing reception on my foot banana smile grace and so let’s drill out milk in perpendicular to all the prisons love gravity bend and brightness stop breathe in relation to chaos »

0 – 2.5s of wavelet transformation using Python @ 8k sampling using 24 bit

Field trip : art at Jogeshwari caves (2)

Use the text created for an art performance :

Eroded statues (probably a family) talk to us through this text as a reminiscent story from the ancient Mumbai.
Use the stalagmaker for materializing this story in wax and get it eroded as the people touch the printed sounds !

Perspectives : stalagmaker

* Open-source what has been done during S.T.E.A.M. School
* Funds from a foundation for making the stalagmaker : close to 2000€. Kevin Lhoste and people from CRI interested in helping in the fabrication?
* In Lyon, finishing the project with homeless people for the international day for overcoming poverty (17th of October). Maker’s Asylum, CRI, French embassy interested in thinking about common event promoting the relevant SDG : “End poverty in all its forms everywhere”.