ATOM (Audio to MIDI) is a software that converts Audio to MIDI data in real time. In this case, the audio input can be anything ranging from voice to violin – and the output can be set to any instrument of your choice. ATOM explores the MIDI standard and extends it to one of the most fascinating, dextrous instruments of all time – the voice. By making this kind of realtime conversion possible, ATOM opens up a whole new world of possibilities to be explored by artists, vocalists, instrumentalists and studio producers infinitely.

ATOM recognises and analyses the pitch data and converts it into MIDI.

Needless to say, conversion of Audio input to midi data with ATOM opens up a variety of avenues for musicians, who can quickly hum in a violin piece or a saxophone tune into their songs. The ability to control any instrument through voice gives a singer or musician the power to be an instrumentalist even without actually knowing how to play the instrument.

With an explosion of digital and analog loopers onto the live music scene, the ability to loop and resample in real time has created a paradigm shift in what we thought was possible a decade ago. Being able to convert audio to midi data in real time gives the musician an opportunity to create layers of loops using only their voice under any environment, be it live performance or studio production. One can simply hum a bass line, sing a melody and create an entire track to which a vocalist can sing.  This means that an entire piece of music can be created by voice alone triggering different synths.