We were fortunate enough to be invited for the 10th Annual Carnival of E-Creativity (CeC) 2016 – an electronics arts festival held in Shillong. One of the main sponsors for CeC, The Academy of [...]

ITC : Passion Meter

This was a interactive dance installation commissioned by ITC which analysed and visualised the most passionate dancers on the dance-floor. This herculean feat was achieved using special wrist [...]

Maruti Suzuki Iginis

2017 started with a bang, as we were commissioned to create an installation for the launch of the Maruti Suzuki IGNIS at the IGI Stadium in New Delhi. We used SEMI to convert the car into a midi [...]


The Lost Party wanted us to create an interactive installation for their camping section which would allow people to jam with one another. We built the HEXAMIX using SEMI and ATOM.


KAAN is binaural microphone set up that captures sound just like we hear it in the real world with our own ears. When you listen to a recording captured with KAAN using headphones or 3D capable [...]


We build our first ever multi-directional speaker, which is designed as a truncated octahedron with eight speakers.