Mix and manage multiple input and output devices and formats to single-handedly record and track anything, anytime, anywhere.

Outpost is a unique and convenient tool for all creatives and sound- or music professionals on the move, but also a concise home studio device for everybody.

Outpost is highly versatile and can be used for high quality life-streams on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc. and can be plugged into your multi- or single camera setup and enable multi-channel pro quality audio feeds.
Because of its portability Outpost is equally an ideal field recording system that allows you to feed in diverse analog signals.

8knobs, Outposts integrated synthesiser, is an electronic musical instrument which gets its name from eight oscillators that enable you to create pulsating multi harmonic drone atmospheres.

Outpost is a self contained, independent system for multichannel pro audio management.

It contains 8knobs (the sound.codes signature atmospheric drone generator), an 8-channel mixer and a stereo sound card. The 4 intelligent electret microphone- and 2 piezo inputs do impedance matching and provide pre-amplification to their output. Outpost is powered via 5 volt usb like your power-bank or your mobile electric plug or via a 12 volt dc adapter (not included).

In combination with the Outpost app, the Outpost system allows you to manage and finally record and stream all your inputs remotely.

The Outpost app (available for all mobile devices) transforms your phone into a portable recording studio where you can record, store, share and manage your recordings and their ownership rights. The Outpost app allows you to create solo or shared recording sessions remotely all over the world. The app is universal and works not only with the Outpost device but with any class compliant Usb sound card.

Manage every single recording by either open sourcing it, sharing it with others or keeping it private. Your private files stay entirely private with enterprise security and cannot be accessed by anybody but yourself. All the data is stored in Frankfurt and is protected under German data protection and privacy law.

Simply connect with your friends or invite your colleagues via the contact list and use the Outpost app video call to start recording the session whenever you are ready, whether it’s simply using the microphone of your phone, the Outpost sound card or any other class compliant equipment.

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Package Includes:

2 omnidirectional and 2 unidirectional electret microphones

2 murata piezo transducer

1 EMF microphone

usb A to usb B type cable for soundcard

usb +5v to +12v DC power cable (* outpost can be powered via +12v 2.1mm dc wall AC adapter(Not Included))